How to Remove Linoleum My Way

So about 3 months ago I got a crazy bug, I decide to rip out all of my linoleum and most of the carpet in my home. When I started I began with the dining room, which had carpet, Yuk. I pulled the carpet and it had the standard glue that held the pad down, removing the glue was easy. Then came the kitchen and the linoleum, Oh my! what did I get my self into. So I did a little research and found the best way to remove linoleum leftovers is to rent a sander. Well, that was defiantly not going to happen. So I came up with my own removal remedy, which still included elbow grease. Darnit...

Hot soapy water and a few drops of dish soap
Hand scrapper
Sanding belt from a sander

I sliced my linoleum in section to make it easier and less overwhelming.

I pulled the linoleum up and sometimes I was left with the underside of the linoleum.
So I dampened the paper with my hot water, sponge and proceeded to scrape.

This is what is left, it looks like a nightmare but this is the easy part. I once again dampened the floor with hot water and the sponge. I dipped the sandpaper in the water then started sanding with the sandpaper flat under my palm. The glue came up within seconds of sanding and I sponged up the dirty glue water.

This is how it looks when it's complete, above is where the linoleum was and below is where the carpet was.

I'm still up in the air about the floor ( Ardex, Pandomo, Stained Concrete, Tile) So many options. I do like the look of the floor now without anything on it, it has a perfect industrial look. So if it stays like this for a while I don't mind.
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