Boxspring Cover DIY

Ethan's bedroom was in need of a bed frame and I didn't want to have to buy a complete new bed collection or have to pull out the power tools to make a bed frame. So I began to research and came across boxspring covers. So I weaved my ideas with the others, that I had seen and came up with a very easy D.I.Y. Instead of cutting out rectangular sections for each side of the boxspring, I simple wrapped the entire box spring with canvas drop cloth fabric. I worked from left to right, then top to bottom making sure the fabric was taut. I then proceeded to fold each corner. In less then 30min, I had my boxspring covered.

On step 14 I simply drilled a hole into the bun foot and screwed in a dowel screw. I then predrilled a hole into the box spring and then screwed in the bun foot. I could have used a top plate but I didn't. I feel it is secure enough without it.

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