Garden Art Cement Sphere

 My Helper and I created a super easy Cement sphere, out of a Vintage glass light cover. You can pick these up at any local thrift store. They have so many different shapes, I can only image how creative one can get with these. This glass sphere was from a light that fell apart and I was not sure what to do with the Glass cover. I was a little hesitant to use it for this project, because it was so lovely.

We proceeded to mix up a bag of Portland cement, that I had left over from another project. It was about half a bag. We placed a wood at the bottom of the glass to prevent cement loss, you could tape off the bottom of the glass as well. We started filing it in the wheel barrow but it was to messy so we moved it over to the dirt.  We scooped all of a half bag of cement in to this sphere, I was surprised it took that much.

After it was filled I lightly taped the sides to remove air bubbles.

I let it dry overnight and the next day it looked pretty solid, So we then placed it in a bag and proceeded to hammer away. The Glass was a little tough to break.

 After breaking it open, we were left with a Lovely positive cement sphere of the glass. Though I do wish I would have tapped it a little longer to get the bubbles out, I'm still happy with how it turned out. I'm ready to make more.

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