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I have a few of these products displayed above that I have personally purchased this past year and love. I will let you know which ones below, some of these are simple practical for everyday use.

1. I purchased a vintage Woolrich Blanket 4 years ago and have pulled it out every cold season, it has held up very well. This would make for a lovely gift that will last a long time.  

2. I do not own these cute reusable kitty bags but they are so cute and practical. Great stocking stuffers. 

3. Bella Ceramic tea kettle is one of my top favorite purchases this year. It warms water very very fast and I just love it, plus its pretty.

4. I'm on a light bulb speaker kick, I think its so cool to be able to have a combination light / speaker that you can control with your phone and install so quick. This is on MY Santa Christmas list.

5. Bother Sewing Machine a must for all crafty people. I love mine and would make any crafty person very happy.

6My Makita Drill set was by far on the top of my favorite tool purchases this year. I cant say enough about how well it keeps charge and the power that comes out.

7Great deal on cool socks. Although these are mens socks I still love them for lounging around the house. 

8With all the technology these days, every home needs to begin to add USB ports around the house. What a cool gift to give to a tech person. I plan on adding these to my home on the most used outlets around the house. 

9. And my final all time favorite of the year is my Vitamix blender. I LOVE this thing. I have eaten, I mean smoothied down more fruits and veggies then I could ever imagine. 

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