Vintage Sofa Reupholstery Project Past

These lovelies are from a project past, about 3 years ago to be exact. I came across these sofas at a thrift store and simply asked how much, "FREE" I was told. Kinda odd for a thrift store to give away stuff, I looked them over to make sure they didn't have anything odd about them, but they didn't and I seen the potential, so I loaded them up and headed home.

I was super excited, until I realized I needed to clean them up. So I gathered my tools and started ripping and pulling. 

Once I cleaned them all up, I pulled them to the garage and decided I was going to use one of them outside. So didn't bother to pull the cushioning.

I primed the sofa with "Kilz" and then exterior paint "Swiss Coffee".

I purchased a large drop cloth from Lowes and used that as my fabric.

Since it was going to be outside I reused the upholstery buttons.

I cut round circles out of the canvas and hot glued them to the buttons, then popped them through.

I cut the excess off with a x acto knife.

To cover up the ugly staples I purchased some clothesline cotton string and proceeded to hot glue the line in place.

Before I placed it outside I add a cushion and some pillows. The sofa is long gone now, I used it for one summer but realized it was not practical for my backyard.

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