Not Your Average Nightstand

This petite vintage/antique washstand has been in multiple places of my home and currently holds board games. Recently I was planning on selling it, but just could not get the nerve to give it up and I would have to find a new home for all the board games if that happened too. Well since Ethans room was in need of a nightstand, I thought this would make the perfect one. Plus, I didn't have to look directly at it everyday. 

The washstand fits nicely in the space, nestled between the window wall and the bed. When I first placed it in the bedroom, the top felt empty so I brought over the map print from my bedroom. I think it gives it the touch it needed. Not sure if I will hang it or leave it as it is. When I was placing the washstand it in Ethan's  room I realized the washstand would have made a perfect changing station for me when Ethan was a baby. Darn-it I missed a stylish opportunity.

Having the board games in Ethan's room kinda makes sense, since half the games are his and he was always in and out of the washstand when it was in my bedroom. 

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