Shutters Privacy Screen

When my husband and I purchased are home 5 years ago. There were a few things I hated about the home. I know you cant love everything about your home and when you cant have a a custom home built, there are going to be thing you cant change. My kitchen view was one of those things, I could not change. So in the past 5 years I have not been able to fully open my kitchen window and have it feel private. We have about 14 feet between the neighbors house and ours. So a while back I came across metal shutters on craigslist and purchased them for 35.00.  I new I could use them as a screen but it took me sometime to figure out how I wanted them to work.

Neighbors window, my window.

 I dug out two large holes, placed one post in each hole, then filled it in with cement post cement. 

I proceeded to attach each screen to one another. Then I drilled four holes middle and bottom. Then attached it to the 2x4s with bolts, washers and lock nuts.

Here it is done, no more seeing in to the neighbors kitchen. I can see there other window but I will be placing shrubs on either side of the shutter for some added color, plus I think the green of the bushes will be the perfect added touch.

I will be replacing the current blinds and will make be making a roman shade type bind similar to these 

I love and could not be any happier with the end result.

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