Board and Batten

Board and Batten Im in love. So what do I do when I'm in love, I create and make it my own.
Look at all these lovely rooms. I feel like board and batten gives these rooms just the perfect added touch of class and I'm over the top in love with it.

the boys room

Baby's bedroom by Pottery Barn Kids |

Look at how beautifully the hot air balloon we carry looks in this space! Such a great finishing touch.

Beautiful nursery...beautiful use of board and batten.    August Fields: nursery

Nursery Light

And so it began I wish I would have gotten better before room pictures.

 I headed down to my favorite place "Home Depot" and had them cut (3) 4' x 8' sheet down to nine 4 inch stripes and two 5 inch stripes. I placed the horizontal pieces first then the vertical. My large 5 inch stripes went at the bottom.

When I was completed, I realized how much I hated the wall texture. When I did the master bedroom I contemplated covering it up but since it was a dark color it did not show so bad. I new I wanted to paint this rooms board and batten white and realized it was going to show all the bumps. So I went and purchased a large container of drywall mud and proceeded to dry wall over all the section. It went well, but it was not perfect. So I decide to fill each section in with wood. I should have done this in the first place and it would have saved my alot of time and energy. But I have a new skill drywall mudding not as hard as it looks....Sanding to make it perfect thats another store.

Once each board was up, I filled the gaps with paintable caulking and used wood filler for the finishing nail holes. Then sanded and sanded.

Now the fun part can start! Decorating

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