Repurposed Dresser: BBQ Patio Table

In a previous post I had shown this dresser and that it had been damaged upon delivery. I was able to repurpose the drawers as storage for Ethan's room, but now I was left with just the outer section of the dresser. I don't have the room for it in my house with out the fully functional use of the drawers. So I decided to repurpose it for my outside BBQ area. Plus I had the perfect bottle opener for the dresser too.

I gave the dresser a light sanding and painted it Rustoleums exterior black flat paint. After it dried I clear coated the dresser with two coats of Polyurethane. I then added rolling caster so it would be up away from the ground and the potential of water soaking the legs. I didn't fuss to much over the fact that, it is going to be outside and in the elements. I do plan on covering it up when we are not using it. 

 So here it is all done nestled between the BBQ and the Pizza Oven. I plan to place wood in the open section stacked nicely and I finally had a chance to place my awesome great deal bottle opener on. I would like to find a little wire basket to add to the bottom of the bottle opener to catch the caps. 

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