A Single Wall Of Color


I have this odd little alcove in my home. I didn't buy my home new so I'm not sure what the builder intended for this spot, but my best guess is that this was supposed to be where the a t.v. should go. I have seen other homes in my area that have a fireplace in this spot. Either way its at an odd placement and either one of those would be offset. As for this area I have had many many ideas: built in bookcase, reading nook, hutch etc. None have obliviously come to fruition. So I had some extra paint left over from my mini bathroom makeover and decided to give it a go.


I like the depth it was given and I love this color. To add a little something interesting to this small space, I added a mini brass chandelier  I found these flameless candles that will replace the current ones. I have also painted the t.v. wall on the opposite end of the room, you can see the pic in my insatagrams:)

  Paint: BM Rockport Gray

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