My Simple Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor

Here is my above cabinet decor, I really enjoy changing things around, from time to time. I find that i If keep the decor cohesive with the items around my home it gives it a better flow. My eye personal always looks up above cabinets, when I have been to someones home. I can usually tell if they find it really hard, to decorate above their cabinets because there will always be mix and not matched items there. Sometimes its best to not put any decor above a cabinet. I'm not saying I'm great but I do love to decorate. Oh and I for got to mention I hate plastic plants above cabinets, all the ones I have ever seen are always dusty. So If I where to even think about a plant above my cabinets, it would be a total commitment "to clean at least once a week". I'm not ready for that kind of commitment:)

Bird houses, 
Wooden horse weather-vain, 
Wood crates,
Painted Chalkboard globe,
Salvaged Architecture

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