Vintage Lap TV Tray Makeover

I began with a very old looking TV tray, that I purchased for 50 cents. I new it had potential. Plus anything can be fixed with paint Right! :). I gave it a quick over all sanding and spray painted it with Grey primer on top and Turquoise on the bottom.

I pulled out the Collection of mixed and not matched paints and began to paint.

I ended up with this.

as I looked at the completed tray, I felt it needed something more, so I found a sweet quote and added it to the bottom. Then I gave it an overall Spray of a Glossy Clear Coat and I was done. I finished this tray a few months back and it has been used for crafts and Snacks in bed, it is the perfect size, I hope to run in to more of these. I would like to add a few painted ones to the store.

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