It Does not have to be a Holiday to Enjoy Stars and Stripes

So it Begins...This will begin my first post of many.

 This is what has been going on around my home this last week. I have created a half work space, half clothing closet for my Son. Hopefully this will help keep the little messes in one place.  

I began with this a Turquoise blue not very functional closet, I didn't get a shot of the closet with the shelf up, but you can see what was there.

When I started the Closet early in the week, I had not purchased this desk below. I just had the idea of what I had wanted. A couple days later, I was out treasure hunting for the Store" LL", when I came across this wood painted table for $10.00, what a bargain. I knew it had great potential and I could not have found it at a better time. So this green beast came home with me. As soon as I got it home, i pulled out the tools. I trimmed off the right side with a jig "quick and easy". I then proceeded to give it a light sanding. I didn't want to over do it, since I was going to use milk paint.

I gave it two coats of General Finishes Millstone Milk Paint. 

Then a coat of Blue paint. I gave it a light brush coating in a gingham pattern to give the look of jean and yes I was doing this indoors, it was a hot week 100's. Oh and please ignore the ugly light Grey carpet it was here when we purchased the home, it will get removed eventually.

Then the bottom and top pull drawer, were taped off to make the stripes. I used a small piece of tape

for the spacing.

I pulled the tape off as soon as i finished painting, to prevent bleed threw.

The Two top blue drawers were given 2 coats of Blue to achieve a deeper Blue. 

I lightly brushed millstone milk paint across the flag stripes and blue drawers to give an aged look. I then added a light coat of wood stain to the edges to give it a deep aged look.

For the stars I found some of my sons crafts stars, traced them with a pencil and colored them in with a sharpie paint pen.

When all was completed I clear coated the entire desk with clear gloss spray paint. Some areas bubbled and created a crackle affect, which I was ok with, because i wanted the flag to look aged. I'm guessing this happened because I did not let the bottom paint cure long enough. Anyhow I'm Happy results and my little guy loves his new space.

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